Midrasha Weekend Retreats and Excursions

Retreat Dates: 2016-17

FALL RETREAT: November 4-6, 2016
Camp Loma Mar, San Mateo County
–> Register now for the Fall retreat (deadline is October 13, 2016)

WINTER RETREAT: January 20-22, 2017
Camp Newman, Santa Rosa
–> Registration opens December 1, 2016; deadline is December 28, 2016

SPRING RETREAT: April 28-30, 2017
Camp Newman, Santa Rosa
–> Registration opens March 15, 2017; deadline is April 6, 2017

Retreat Fees

• $450 for a single retreat
• $825 for any two retreats paid in advance
• $1,200 for all three retreats paid in advance
To qualify for discounted pricing, the retreat fees ($825 for two retreats, $1,200 for three retreats) must be paid in full by October 13, 2016.

Retreat Policies

–> Click here to access the 2016-17 retreat policies, including information on drop dates and associated cancellation fees. Families are encouraged to read the retreat policies carefully before signing up in order to understand the charges applicable to withdrawals that occur after the RSVP deadline.

An Introduction to the Retreats

As part of the Midrasha learning experience, the four Midrasha campuses offer our students three weekend retreats during the school year. All three retreats are open to 8th-12th graders. These retreats are designed to complement the weekly classroom curriculum and provide a powerful experience of community, learning, and tradition. Retreats are run through the Midrasha in Berkeley office, in partnership with the other three Midrasha campuses.

The retreat weekends provide a vibrant experience of Jewish learning and traditions for both student and staff participants. Part of the magic of Midrasha retreat weekends is the community we create when we join together for the weekend. Together we build upon classroom learning in a remote, safe, and supportive environment, which allows for exploration of ideas and development of identity within a Jewish framework. We share a Shabbat weekend that welcomes all levels of observance, and is inclusive to the wide range of Jewish practices observed on retreat. Retreats are a unique opportunity for teens to share Jewish community with teens from all over the Bay Area with all sorts of backgrounds and interests. In fact, Midrasha is one of the only Jewish youth programs that is truly pluralistic in this way.

The Midrasha retreat staff employs creative and effective educational practices to provide students with breadth and depth in their learning during the weekend, including informal education, social and personal exploration, and Jewish teen programming. The staff, which is comprised of Midrasha’s classroom teachers and other educators and specialists dedicated to Jewish identity development, values student feedback and interests. We create engaging retreat programming in response to what we hear from our students.

The Midrasha community is fortunate to have this special opportunity to celebrate Shabbat together. We sing. We dance. We study. We pray. We play. We relax. We continue old traditions and create new ones. We ask big questions and look for answers. We are with friends, both old and new. The retreat weekends are truly a vital part of realizing the social and educational potential of the Midrasha program.

Shabbat in the City excursions (dates to be determined)

Explore San Francisco in a way you never have before! Each excursion will have a theme that will be filled with amazing food, new people, information you never knew and a whole new way of understanding the Jewish part of San Francisco.
Check back soon for more information, including schedules and fees.