An Introduction to Midrasha

Mission: Midrasha is the premier Jewish education program for teens in grades 8-­12 in the Tri-­Valley/Tri-­Cities region. Midrasha nurtures the development of Jewish identity, empowering teens to look at their lives and the world around them through a Jewish lens.

About Midrasha: TV/TC Midrasha provides a safe, challenging, and engaging learning environment for teens. We believe in Jewish community building and personal development based on the texts from our heritage and history. 

Midrasha enrolls teens who are members of our partner congregations (Temple Beth Torah, Congregation Beth Emek, and Congregation Shir Ami) as well as unaffiliated students. The congregational partners provide facilities, in-kind services and rabbinic support, and also contribute a financial subvention based on the number of teens from each congregation that participate.

Within Midrasha, we have an assortment of teens who are friendly, creative, curious, expressive, shy, musical, funny, loving, welcoming, adventurous, passionate, nerdy and wise. No prerequisite Jewish education or experience is required to enroll in Midrasha.


Core classes: The core class curriculum was developed to engage and retain the teens in our community, who make attending Midrasha a priority in their busy lives. The innovative core curriculum benefits teens by drawing them in and shaping each individual to have a stronger and more invested relationship with themselves, Jewish education, current events and their Jewish community. We inspire our teens to initiate their process of Jewish self-exploration by offering skills, resources and encouragement that are carefully built into the core curriculum.

• 8th Grade: Jewish Ethics

• 9th Grade: Connecting Jewish texts to contemporary issues

• 10th/11th Grade: Israel people, places, history, and culture through the lens of social justice

• 12th Grade: Preparing and empowering our teens to face a world of BDS and Anti-Semitism

Electives: Past electives have included Jewish Cooking, Yiddish Yoga, Jewish Leadership, and Midrash & Manicures

Special Programming

The core curriculum and electives are supplemented by special programming that occurs thought the year, such as:

  • Chanukah talent show
  • Shalom Bayit “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” programming
  • Participation in the International Jewish Film Festival
  • Discussion with rabbis on finding Judaism and Jewish activities on college campuses
  • Open House for 7th graders and their parents, held each year in May
  • Shabbat in the City program, which promotes experiences outside of the classroom


The teaching staff come from backgrounds spanning the Jewish educational spectrum. We have teachers with Jewish camping experience and social justice activism, along with Midrasha alumni.

Our teachers are knowledgeable about Jewish history, traditions, and Israel. They are skilled in creating deep relationships with teens and in facilitating quality learning experiences.

Other Midrashot & Retreats

TV/TC Midrasha partners with the Midrasha programs in Berkeley, Oakland, and Contra Costa county. The directors meet monthly, and there is a gathering of the directors and board presidents quarterly.

As part of the Midrasha learning experience, the four Midrasha campuses offer our students three outstanding Shabbat retreats during the year. All three retreats are open to 8th-12th graders. The retreats are designed to complement our weekly classroom curriculum and provide a powerful experience of community, learning, and tradition. Retreats are run through the Midrasha in Berkeley office, in partnership with the other three campuses.

Board/Parent Support

Members of our Board and parent volunteers share all of the administrative and fundraising responsibilities so that the program can survive without paid administrative support. Registration, accounting and payroll, website maintenance, grant writing, supplies shopping, site security, program promotion and special events are all handled by volunteers. Additionally, all parents take a turn during the school year in providing the weekly snack for the students and staff.

Information for Teens

TV/TC Midrasha is “totally, fantastically, amazingly, wow!” (That’s a real quote!)

We created this website just for you! So dive in, explore and make your mark. And remember … Midrasha is what YOU want it to be. That’s a fact!

We are Jewish teens in grades 8-12 from throughout the Tri-Valley/Tri-Cities region who want to get together and learn with other Jewish teens. Within our Midrasha, we have an assortment of teens who are friendly, creative, curious, expressive, shy, musical, funny, loving, welcoming, adventurous, passionate, nerdy and wise.

TV/TC Midrasha is a cross between a Purim costume party, a late-night camp fire, a really deep conversation with your best friend, and a good debate on a subject you love.

Every week our Midrasha has a dress-up theme: Our Midrasha is playful.

Every week our Midrasha has a deep question of the week: Our Midrasha is thought-provoking.

Every week our Midrasha has an “open mic” during break for all our teens to present their talents: Our Midrasha is creative.

Every week our Midrasha has the best educators in the East Bay teaching about subjects that inspire and challenge: Our Midrasha is chock-full of knowledge.

And each week, our Midrasha has the most amazing teens come together to build Jewish community: Our Midrasha rocks!

We meet every Sunday night from 7:15 to 9:15p at Congregation Beth Emek
in Pleasanton. Come check us out!